Gaps Diet Plan

The Full Gaps Diet

In looking at effective diets to combat leaky gut, we came across the GAPS diet. GAPS—which stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome—is a diet designed to heal the lining of the gut and subsequently treat chronic inflammatory conditions in the digestive tract. It seeks to remove difficult-to-digest foods from the diet and replace them with nutrient-dense healing foods to encourage healing of the intestinal lining. The concept of “heal and seal” is evident in the first of the two phases the diet calls for. The Introduction phase consists of six stages, starting out with primarily broths, boiled meats and vegetables in phase 1, then slowly introducing more cooked meats, raw vegetables, and lastly fruits through stage 6. The second phase of the GAPS diet is referred to as the “Full GAPS diet,” which consists of similar foods, but is definitely more flexible than the first restrictive phase. The full GAPS Diet list is printed below – find more detail on GAPS here.

AllowedNot Allowed
Almonds, including almond butter and oilAcesulphame
ApplesAcidophilus milk
Apricots, fresh or driedAgar-agar
Artichoke, FrenchAgave syrup
Asiago cheeseAlgae
AsparagusAloe Vera
Aubergine (eggplant)Amaranth
Avocados, including avocado oilApple juice (commercially prepared)
Bananas (ripe only with brown spots on the skin)Arrowroot
Beans, dried white (navy), string beans and lima beans properly preparedAspartame
Beef, fresh or frozenAstragalus
Beets or beetrootBaked beans
Berries, all kindsBaker’s yeast
Black radishBaking powder and raising agents of all kind
Black, white and red pepper: ground and pepper cornsBalsamic vinegar
Blue cheeseBarley
Bok ChoyBean flour and sprouts
Brazil nutsBee pollen
Brick cheeseBeer
Brie cheeseBhindi or okra
BroccoliBicarbonate of soda
Brussels sproutsBitter Gourd
ButterBlack-eye beans
Camembert cheeseBouillon cubes or granules
Canned fishBrandy
Cashew nuts, fresh onlyBurdock root
CauliflowerButter beans
Cayenne pepperButtermilk
CeleriacCanellini beans
CeleryCanned vegetables and fruit
Cellulose in supplementsCarob
Cheddar cheeseCarrageenan
Cherimoya (custard apple or sharifa)Cellulose gum
CherriesCereals, including all breakfast cereals
Chicken, fresh or frozenCheeses, processed and cheese spreads
CinnamonChestnuts and chestnut flour
Citric acidChevre cheese
Coconut milkChewing gum
Coconut oilChickory root
Coconut, fresh or dried (shredded) without any additivesChickpeas
Coffee, weak and freshly made, not instantCocoa powder
Colby cheeseCoffee, instant and coffee substitutes
Collard greensCooking oils
Coriander, fresh or driedCordials
Courgette (zucchini)Corn
CucumberCorn syrup
Dates, fresh or dried without any additives (not soaked in syrup)Cornstarch
Dill, fresh or driedCottage cheese
Duck, fresh or frozenCottonseed
Edam cheeseCous-cous
Eggplant (aubergine)Cream
Eggs, freshCream cheese
FilbertsCream of Tartar
Fish, fresh or frozen, canned in its juice or oilDextrose
Game, fresh or frozenDrinks, soft
GarlicFaba beans
Ghee, homemade (many store varieties contain non-allowed ingredients)Feta cheese
Gin, occasionallyFish, preserved, smoked, salted, breaded and canned with sauces
Ginger root, freshFlour, made out of grains
Goose, fresh or frozenFOS (fructooligosaccharides)
Gorgonzola cheeseFructose
Gouda cheeseFruit, canned or preserved
GrapefruitGarbanzo beans
GrapesGjetost cheese
Haricot beans, properly preparedGrains, all
Havarti cheeseGruyere cheese
Herbal teasHot dogs
Herbs, fresh or dried without additivesIce-cream, commercial
Honey, naturalJams
Juices (freshly pressed from permitted fruit and vegetables)Jellies
KaleJerusalem artichoke
Kiwi fruitKetchup, commercially available
Lamb, fresh or frozenLiqueurs
LemonsMargarines and butter replacements
LentilsMeats, processed, preserved, smoked and salted
Lettuce, all kindsMilk from any animal, soy, rice, canned coconut milk
Lima beans (dried and fresh)Milk, dried
Limburger cheeseMillet
MangoesMozzarella cheese
Meats, fresh or frozenMungbeans
MelonsNeufchatel cheese
Monterey (Jack) cheeseNutra-sweet (aspartame)
Muenster cheeseNuts, salted, roasted and coated
Mustard seeds, pure powderOkra – mucilaginous food
Nut flour or ground nutsPasta, of any kind
Nuts, all kinds freshly shelled, not roasted, salted or coatedPostum
Olive oil, virgin cold-pressedPotato sweet
Olives preserved without sugar or any other non- allowed ingredientsPotato white
OnionsPrimost cheese
Parmesan cheeseRicotta cheese
Peanut butter, without additivesSago
Peanuts, fresh or roasted in their shellsSausages, commercially available
Peas, dried split and fresh greenSherry
PecansSoda soft drinks
Peppers (green, yellow, red, and orange)Sour cream, commercial
Pheasant, fresh or frozenSoy
Pickles, without sugar or any other non-allowed ingredientsSpelt
Pigeon, fresh or frozenStarch
Pineapples, freshSugar or sucrose of any kind
Pork, fresh or frozenTapioca – starch
Port du Salut cheeseTea, instant
Poultry, fresh or frozenTriticale
Prunes, dried without any additives or in their own juiceTurkey loaf
PumpkinVegetables, canned or preserved
Quail, fresh or frozenWheat
RaisinsWheat germ
RhubarbWhey, powder or liquid
Romano cheeseYams
Roquefort cheeseYogurt, commercial
Scotch, occasionally 
Seaweed fresh and dried (once Introduction Diet has been completed) 
Shellfish, fresh or frozen 
Spices, single and pure without any additives 
Squash (summer and winter) 
Stilton cheese 
String beans 
Swiss cheese 
Tea, weak, freshly made, not instant 
Tomato juice, without any additives apart from salt 
Tomato puree, pure without any additives apart from salt 
Turkey, fresh or frozen 
Ugly fruit 
Uncreamed cottage cheese (dry curd) 
Vinegar (cider or white); make sure there is no allergy 
Vodka, very occasionally 
White navy beans, properly prepared 
Wine dry: red or white 
Yogurt, homemade 
Zucchini (courgette) 

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